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Recipes: Ragi Dosa

Recipes: Ragi Dosa

Dosha benefits: Kapha & Vata


  • Ragi grains 2 cups OR
  • Ragi flour 1½ cups
  • Black gram, husked 1/2 cup
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Oil for cooking
  • Water for soaking


  • Soak urad dal and ragi grains separately for minimum of 3 hours or overnight. Grind the urad dal separately till it becomes fluffy. 
  • If you are using ragi flour, grind the urad dal to a smooth batter and mix in the ragi flour to this. Add little water and mix to get a idli batter consistency.
  • Next, grind the ragi separately (if using ragi grains). 
  • Mix the urad dal batter and ragi batter together with required salt.
  • Let the batter ferment overnight or until it doubles in volume.
  • If you are in a cold country, leave the batter in the oven with the light on to aid the fermentation process
  • After it ferments, you can make idlis or dosa immediately.

Ayurveda Tip:

  • Ragi is Sweet in taste, has Heating potency and its qualities are Dry and Light. It balances Kapha, Vata to some extent but increases Pitta 

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