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AyurNectar Consultation Ayurvedic assessment of your body constitution and imbalances. The Initial visit lasts approximately 60 minutes during which your practitioner will review your food habits and lifestyle, and assess your health condition based on Ayurvedic principles.  Due to the current Covid-19 challenges, we are also offering online consultations. Workshops Due to the current Covid-19 challenges, our Ayurveda workshops are currently help virtually. Please sign up for our news […]
Vaidya Yogiraj Tanmoy Shome
Poder aprender desde Yogiraj Tanmoy es un verdadero privilegio, en nuestros días y en todo el tiempo que hemos estado con él nunca hemos escuchado un alumno que no tenga esta misma opinión, ya sea principiante o avanzado. Lo conocemos por “baba” (papá en hindi y bengalí, su lengua natal), ya que a todos sus estudiantes les entrega amor y conocimiento de igual forma como lo haría un padre con sus hijos(as). Muchas veces hemos visto personas que han perdido a su padre por una mala rel […]
Santa Ana HIJ. 5 LT 7 S/N KM - 46 , Santa Ana, California 3880000, United States
Satya Ayurveda
L’Ayurvéda en Guadeloupe: Consultation personnalisée, Soins, Méditation, Ateliers, Conférences
‘We care for you naturally’ with the help of 5000 years old natural ancient art and science of natural healing called Ayurved Since past 22 years we are serving people worldwide with our services and educate on how to stay healthy, live with full energy, enthusiasm, focus, vitality and youth throughout the life
67 Snow Street , Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420, United States
Shri Wellness
Shri is a Sanskrit word which means diffusing light, radiance and beauty. When you radiate so does your community! My mission is to empower individual and community well-being. My vision is a world where individuals live with purpose, experience joy and mindfully co-exist. “AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT.” It Starts with You! When you are aware and purposeful of how you live, eat, sleep, breathe, exercise and connect with others then you diffuse light and radiance. Your choices begin to a […]
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We are the world's first and only online Ayurveda Vaidya On Demand Portal. We partner with reputed Ayurveda practitioners and bring authentic and trusted ayurveda consultations at your door step. Authenticity and Trust are our first and foremost focus and our platform is built on secure HIPAA and GDPR compliant technology.. We partner with reputed ayurvedic supplement manufacturers and ship the supplements to your doorstep. Description VedaLife.Me is the world’s first platform that b […]
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MD Āyurveda specializes in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine and Pañchakarma – a systematic Ayurvedic treatment program. Our approach to health follows classical Āyurvedic traditions, which are the highest standards of Āyurvedic care. After a comprehensive evaluation with both a physician and an Ayurvedic Vaidya, we create a unique health care plan for you, based on your state of health and stage of disease. MD Āyurveda offers three personalized programs and services: Consultations […]
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SAMA - Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy
SAMA, which stands for the Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy, is the Sanskrit word for ‘balance’. The name thus represents the very principles of health in Ayurveda. SAMA was born of a working partnership between Jean-Pierre Bigler, ayurvedic practitioner and yoga therapist who trained in India and in Europe and, in 2000, opened one of French-speaking Switzerland’s first ayurvedic centres, and Doctor Simone Hunziker, general practitioner specialising in alternative medicine who, in 199 […]
Avenue de Savoie 14, 1800 Vevey, Vevey, Vaud 1800, Switzerland
Tibetan Medicine
Tibetan medicine is an ancient, timely healing tradition from Tibet. The Tibetan name is Sowa Rigpa, the science of healing. ... Tibetan medicine teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. This holistic tradition consists of analyzing your unique inborn nature or constitution and making supportive lifestyle choices.
West 9th Street , New York, New York 10011, United States
Ayurway combines the excellence of ancient ayurvedic wisdom with modern technology, to provide highest levels of mind & body relaxation.
5776 Stoneridge Mall Rd STE 280 , Pleasanton, California 94588, United States
Dr. Jessica Vellela
Jessica Vellela, BAMS is the first American-born woman to become an Āyurvedic Physician in India and practice there independently. She completed 5.5-years of full-time Āyurvedic Medical school in 2012 with First Rank. Strongly motivated to fully experience the power of Āyurvedic Medicine, she partnered with a 25-year, established resort to offer classical Āyurvedic Pañchakarma on a beautiful, private beach along coastal Karnataka, India. She managed this center for over two years with […]
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Dr Jay's HN Wellness Center
Our mission is to create Balance and Harmony at the levels of Body-Mind-Spirit, one person at a time.
Ayush Wave
Ayush Wave is an Ayurveda Based Spa serving in Houston-Sugar Land Metro Area offering variety of body treatments and Skin care products.
15263 Southwest Fwy , Sugar Land, Texas 77478, United States
The Ayurvedic Institute
ASP1 is a full-time, immersive, transformative program that is academically challenging and includes real-time clinical supervision. We value student-teacher lineage and the indivisibility of body-mind-spirit and believe the development of a skilled AHC goes hand in hand with self-healing and unfolding of inherent wisdom. Program: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
11311 Menaul Blvd NE , Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112, United States
Yayso Yoga
Yayso Yoga was designed to assist all learners in emotional growth, intellectual enhancement, and physical refinement. Yayso Yoga is committed to sharing not only the wisdom of yoga, but the physical and mental benefits of the practice regardless of physical ability or personal belief. Improved stability and strength, greater clarity and focus, as well as confidence and self-acceptance are only a few of the attainable effects of partaking in Yayso Yoga. We offer a variety of yoga moda […]
17433 Alico Center Rd #3 , Fort Myers, Florida 33967, United States
Seva Wellness
In the past, I offered Western nutritional and lifestyle guidelines that are easy to follow with a little ancient wisdom of Ayurveda principles. Now, I’m making a shift in my services; I will continue to offer workshops and classes. Upon request, individualized wellness plans, as well as bringing my knowledge, expertise, and unique teaching styles to corporate & non-profit businesses. Why the change? There comes a time when you realize that what you are doing isn’t in alignment wit […]
1095 Peach Street , Alameda, California 94501, United States
Avaya Wellness Center
650 5th Street, Suite 502 , San Francisco, California 94107, United States
Institute For Health & Healing
California Pacific Medical Center, a Sutter Health affiliate, provides top-rated, affordable healthcare, including acute, post-acute and outpatient hospital care, disease counseling, family support and wellness treatments. We reach deep into our community to offer education, screening and financial support in some of the city’s most underserved areas.
2300 California St #200 , San Francisco, California 94115, United States
Roha Center For The Healing Arts
Roha is a unique healing center located in the heart of San Francisco's Castro district. The word Roha, from the ancient Sanskrit language, means blossom. Our mission at Roha is to plant the seed of health consciousness in our clients and to aid them to nurture and develop that seed until they blossom with vibrant health. Our focus is holistic, knowing that to truly heal an individual more than just the body has to be taken into consideration. At Roha we look at the individual as a wh […]
4052 18TH ST , San Francisco, California 94114, United States
Soulstice was founded by Ahlea Khadro in 2004 in San Diego as a center for optimal living and integral wellness bringing together ancient wisdom tools with the magic of modern health technologies. She has long carried the vision of assisting people to live more freely in their bodies as a soul in a human form. Soulstice is dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space for profound healing and transformation through a balanced array of tools and services. Health and Healing is done wh […]
301 Spruce St, Suite 100 , San Diego, California 92103, United States