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365 Days of Ayurveda for Lifelong Radiant Health: Daily Wisdom & Simple Tips for Physical, Emotional,& Spiritual Well-Being is your daily guide to take control of your health and happiness naturally. The vast holistic science of Ayurveda can be overwhelming, but this book delivers the wisdom in a one page reading and tip for each day of the year—one digestible bite at a time. In this book, you will discover: •Your “Ayurvedic type,” and how to balance, strengthen, and heal it. •How to look and feel your best by making simple changes to your daily routine. •Natural home remedies to aid a variety of common health issues and annoyances. •Which foods to favor (and which to avoid) for the best digestion, sleep, and physical energy.•Tips on how to use herb, food, and drink recipes to accomplish your unique goals. •How to age gracefully and maintain vibrant health through your golden years. •How to live within powerful rhythms of Nature for deep healing, rejuvenation, restoration and more!