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Murdula sadan, 2nd floor Pratap road, Near sanstha vasahat , Vadodara, Gujarat 390001, India
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Dr. Aarti Parimal, Ayurvedacharya attained her graduation degree in April 1993. From 1993 to 1998 she completed her apprenticeship under Ayurvedic Experts like Vaidyaraj Shri Sarabhai, Vaidya Ravindra Shastridada ( Shashtridada of Chanod), Late Vaidya Daxaben Pargi etc.

Since all ancient books pertaining to Ayurveda are in Sanskrit , Dr Aarti Parimal has started learning Sanskrit language under Guruji – Shri Yogesh Oza who is the Principal of Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya in Baroda.

Also as it is a well known fact that quest for learning is a never ending , Dr. Aarti Parimal in order to enhance her Ayurvedic and Spiritual knowledge has now started getting lessons from Swami Balakdasji from Hindaun City. She has been actively getting training in Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis . Swami Balakdasji is a very well renowned Vaidya in Hindaun City (Rajasthan) and has got knowledge of Ayurveda from his guruji through the Guru parampara (preceptorial succession) literally MEANS “from one to another”. A line of spiritual Gurus in authentic succession of initiation; the chain of Light and oral training and initiation passed from Guru to disciples.

Dr. Aarti Parimal has been associated with Vadodara Radio Station – Aakashwani for last couple of years and has been sharing her thoughts about the cures on various diseases. She has also been instrumental in enlightening society with regards to the utilities of herbs which are found in our surroundings and their importance in living a healthy and stress free life. Such has been the magnitude of the positive vibes of the patients, that since last 2 years Dr. Aarti Parimal has started receiving several requests to make herself available for documentary on radio, TV shows. She has also been asked by one of the regional T.V. channel to make a documentary on herbs, which is being telecast on regular basis.