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The word Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words: “Ayur” which means longevity and life, and “Veda” which means the knowledge of science. It is “the science of life.” A measured, tested, and deeply impactful science which teaches everyone to live a life with a natural and true balance. Ayurveda originates from India 5,000 years ago and has recently become a common practice in the Western world…

Over time, it grew into a total health care system. Even though modern medicine has tried to disregard this science, the failure of modern medicine to remedy illnesses without side effects has brought Ayurveda back into the forefront.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach that focuses on helping you live a well-balanced, healthy, long life. It centers on restoring and maintaining health by attaining balance in the body, mind, and consciousness through herbal remedies, cleansing practices, diet, and lifestyle.