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Anjali Deva

IF THE WISEST INDIVIDUALS OF OUR SOCIETY were to meditate on the very essential question of our existence “What does it mean to be alive?,” couldn’t you imagine that they would reflect answers back to us that help us understand ourselves? That help us be better people? That help us live a life that is more fulfilling, more joyful, and more present? This understanding is the basis of both health and healing in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a traditional healing system and wisdom science with historical roots in India dating back at least 5,000 years and has been practiced by many historical figures, including the Buddha. Ayurveda is still practiced as a growing medical system, with hospitals and wellness centers throughout India. Though Ayurveda is not as prominent as Western Medicine, there are many Vaidyas, or Ayurvedic doctors, keeping this science alive. Ayurvedic practice is rooted in three main Sanskrit texts written thousands of years ago.

This living body of knowledge uses many different modalities for healing: food as medicine, lifestyle change, yoga & meditation, herbal medicine, and bodywork. In the West, Ayurveda is most known for its theory of the Doshas (constitutions or humors): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. By understanding Vata (air + space), Pitta (fire + water), and Kapha (earth + water) and their individual expressions in our constitution we can better align our decision-making. Our Doshas also give us roadmaps to follow when we find ourselves out of balance and often affected by stress and poor digestion.

Ayurveda seeks to assist you in developing a relationship with the natural world so you can better understand yourself. Our health is an ecosystem of multiple factors: sleep, nutrition, relationships, stress. Patterns in these factors can be understood through the Doshas to make our path to healing more whole. Ayurveda teaches you to live in harmony — a balanced state for your mind, body and spirit where all aspects of your being are accounted and cared for.