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The Prabhuram Ayurvedic Vidyalaya (College) was founded in 1896 with good intention to establish a Ayurvedic college which will improve the standards for Ayurvedic practitioners in India and inadequate practitioners can be removed from the system. At that time Ayurveda was already in despair and British Government closing Ayurvedic practices and dispensaries in Bombay and other places with the fear of growth of irresponsible and incompetent physician and at the same time to apply their own system of medicine (allopathic) which they brought with them. One of the practitioners who stood up against it was Vaidya Prabhuram Jivanram and later his son Dr. Popat Prabhuram Vaidya. In Bombay, Vaidya Prabhuram Jivanram started an Ayurvedic practice, and saw it continued to grow. During the times, when Allopathic doctors tried to prove that Ayurveda did not work and tried to stop vaidyas from practicing, Vaidya Prabhuram Jivanram proved that Ayurveda works. He impressed with his clinical knowledge and helped cure many people using Ayurvedic herbs and principles. He demonstrated that this several thousands year old science was indeed very valid and useful.