5409 N Florida Ave , Tampa, Florida 33604, United States
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Unite the community of Ayurveda in Florida.

AAF is a growing movement of Ayurvedic Practitioners, Counselors, students and professionals and includes those interested in Ayurveda from the public sector.

AAF is to provide a common, unified, protected space and platform for those who are practicing Ayurveda in Florida.

AAF will communicate quarterly (at a minimum) to AAF members through our website and/or emails/social media.

Promote Ayurvedic practices through continuing education.

AAF will spread Ayurveda in professional manner while maintaining balance with ourselves and with our organization.

AAF will schedule continuing education seminars, conferences, webinars for those practicing Ayurveda.

AAF will schedule education forums for public education

Inspire public trust and confidence in the science of Ayurveda.

AAF is to continue to work on our message, acknowledging today’s modern times, while respecting the tradition of Ayurveda.

AAF will work towards licensure in the State of Florida.