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Kindle MatchBook: Get the Kindle Edition FREE when you purchase the paperback edition today! The Ayurvedic diet is a time-tested and widely acknowledged method for restoring your body’s natural balance and promoting optimal health. It is an unfortunate fact about modern medicine that the first treatment option is often prescription drugs. But not everyone is willing to place unlimited trust in gigantic, profit-seeking pharmaceutical companies. Some people prefer a natural approach to whole body wellness, including Ayurveda, a dramatic and powerful method for holistic healing. Martha Clarke’s Ayurveda Cookbook eschews the edicts of the pharmaceutical companies and the system that serves them, and instead takes an approach to wellness that is based on nature and relies on the oldest and most tested means of promoting optimal health – food. Join experienced Ayurveda enthusiast and practitioner Martha Clarke as she shows you exactly how to incorporate the key principles of Ayurveda at home in your own kitchen, every day of the week. This Ayurveda Cookbook contains:

Dozens of Easy to Follow Recipes using Ayurvedic ingredients that are easily found at your local grocery store and that are ideal for Ayurveda practitioners – each with complete nutritional information
Healthy and Delicious Ayurvedic Food For Every Dosha conveniently tagged according to dosha, as well as indexed and organized into chapters including Beverages; Breakfasts; Baking; Kitcharis, Stews, and Soups; Vegetables, Grains, and Legumes; Main Dishes; Sauces, Chutneys, and Dressings; and Desserts
A Complete Overview of Ayurvedic cooking, detailing the essential information you need to know to master the very best dishes that you and your family have ever tasted
Handy Charts and Indexes so all the information you need is at your fingertips

Recipes in this Ayurveda Cookbook include: Baked Salmon Cakes (Vata), Beet + Goat Cheese Burgers (Pitta), Brussels Sprouts w/ Almonds + Apple (Kapha), Chicken-Asparagus Soup (Pitta), Cumin-Paprika Sweet Potatoes (Vata), Papaya Chutney (Kapha), Skillet-Cooked Artichoke Hearts (Pitta), Walnut-Saffron Bread (Vata), and much more! Endorsed by nutritionists and discerning home cooks everywhere, eating a healthy Ayurvedic diet based on natural health and wellness principles has been proven as an effective way to restore your natural balance while still enjoying some of the best tasting food you’ve ever served at home. Grab this book today and see for yourself what kind of amazing Ayurvedic dishes you can make tonight!