317 Union St., Ste. B , Milford Charter Township, Michigan 48381, United States
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To empower my clients with experiential knowledge, guide them to make dietary and lifestyle changes to overcome chronic illnesses so they can grow, and fulfill their purpose with joy and vigor!

Opening the pathways for you to heal via nutrition, lifestyle changes, spirituality, meditations and evolution so you may walk the journey to the Self with ease, love, acceptance and freedom!

We have had success in the following health issues
Healthy Gut, Happy Life
Better Sleep
Overcoming Anxiety
Transitioning to Menopause
Healthy Heart
Headaches Be Gone
No More colds/flues
Pain Relief/Management
More Energy/Strong Immunity

Spiritual Healing: Healing ourselves deeply heals all of our relationships and that’s how we heal the planet. The healing work is not separate from Ayurvedic consultations and programs, rather it is part of the Holistic approach where our physical challenges are not separate from our emotional and psychological challenges. We guide you where we see you stuck and help you move forwards.

PK Therapies
Yoga Therapy

Vedic Counseling: Anxiety/Depression, conflict resolution, relationships issues, grief and more..