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Bhavna Solecki is currently working at The Yield Growth Corp as a Director of Products and Digital Content.Ms Solecki is a recognized spiritual teacher, ordained lineage holder and scholar of Vedic Science of Ayurveda.She is the sole founder of Inner Evolution Healing Center Ltd in Vancouver since 2012, a holistic school for pain and stress management illuminating the science of Ayurveda, Yoga, Ancient eastern therapies and Vedanta.Ms Solecki is originally from India with a degree in psychology.She brings with her the genealogy of the mystical origins of Ayurveda literature with a vast knowledge in food medicine pharmacopoeia, a classical form of Ayurveda. She is very well recognized in Vancouver by her students for her embodied wisdom, impassioned knowledge, unique self expression and inspirational style of teaching. .She has worked with many celebrities and trained a wide range of cooperate companies to bring balance in their personal and professional lives.She has been working as a Senior Clinical Research assistant for one of the most prestigious Ayurveda Botanical research centers for many years developing herbal medicines. Her research paper on Cannabis roots and Ayurveda medicine is in progress.In 2017, her lifetime of experience developing Ayurvedic techniques in Canada led to the foundation of Yeild growth Corp alongside CEO Penny Green.
As the core source of the company’s groundbreaking techniques utilizing cannabis sativa, hemp root oil and myriad complementary botanicals, Bhavna defines its revolutionary change to the world of health and beauty products. Her formulations provide a genuinely, definitively new perspective to the market of self-care cosmetics and health.

She has volunteered her time to many community events, such as, the Heart Foundation, Cure for Cancer, Manitoba Native Society and patients from Friends for Life. She received the best business plan award at the rising star excellence competition in 2008 from Embers.