Detailed Information

Dr. David has roots as a holistically minded young man dating back decades. David’s mother tells stories of how when he was a young boy he would talk about being an American Indian medicine man and have visions of using plants and other natural remedies to heal people. Throughout Dr. David’s life he has always been that guy you could call and ask a healing type question as he was well read in ancient healing teachings and homeopathy for almost four decades. As he was self-taught in homeopathy David has treated himself, friends and family naturally for a long time just to be helpful, caring and to spread the love found in holistic healing. In 2009, David decided to make holistic medicine his profession and started on a quest of study that has taken him to many states and countries. This journey has required a vast commitment not only in time and finances for study programs, doctoral studies, internships and trips abroad, but a sacrifice to the profession he loves. David’s true love is Ayurveda and has been blessed by working under well respected and famous Ayurvedic doctors and gurus (teachers). Dr. David has also worked in clinics in India. The deeper understandings and teachings come from a doctor in the traditional setting of guru to student and not university teachings. Ayurveda is a life-long journey and discipline that continues to evolve due to its vastness. Now as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Doctor of Natural Medicine David is seeing people at his clinic, Blue Lotus Healing Center and also teaches Holistic Health Practitioners and beginning Ayurvedic Consultants though his institute, Om Wellness Institute located in the same healing space as Blue Lotus Healing Center. Dr. David is also developing he own systems that is unfounded in the healing arts…stay tuned!