322 Gray St , Lakewood, Colorado 80226, United States
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Hello. My name is David.

I am an Āyurvedic Doctor, Vedic Astrologer and Ordained Minister with the Wisdom of the Heart church and The Sanctuary of the Inner Compass.
Practicing what I call Multi Dimensional Medicine, I offer guidance for holistic health and healing, cosmic perspective on major decisions and relationship issues, and highly-attuned empathy to support your journey towards wholeness.

Recommendations vary according to personal circumstances, but may include diet and lifestyle changes, Āyurvedic herbs and oils, specific exercise, breathing, vocal and meditative activities, as well as any number of nature-based invitations for self-reflection.

If you are struggling with acute or chronic health concerns, feeling lost or stuck, or are seeking to accelerate your spiritual evolution, a consultation with me will help you clarify all the factors at play and result in a detailed plan for how to move forward in a good way. Please reach out with any questions!