Detailed Information

In 2006, Deanne left the exciting and fast-paced television industry to “just be a yoga teacher”, and has since learned what a life changer that decision would be. She has been fortunate to spend time learning from some of the premiere inspirations of today’s yoga scene, and has deep reverence for the ancient roots of these practices. Her classes are light-hearted and reflect one of the most important principals that she feels makes a good teacher – That you must always remain a good student if you want to have something to pass along. As a recovering perfectionist, her sense of humor and straightforward approach to teaching attracts those looking to add a little lightness back into their lives. She has a passion for Ayurveda and enjoys helping others feel more comfortable in their skin as a Registered Ayurvedic Food & Nutrition and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. When she’s not on the beach or taking yoga class, you can find her at Brandywine Yoga in West Chester, PA where she teaches classes, teacher trainings, workshops and the occasional retreat.