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754 Barossa Valley Drive , Concord, North Carolina 28027, United States
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Aruna Patki (Ayurvedic Physician from India) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner & NCTMB, LMBT #06253, Yoga Consultant & Healer, Mind-Body-Energy Wellness Provider Concord, NC USA
She received her Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery(BAMS) from the Government College of Ayurvedic Medicine at Nanded, India, and received her Postgraduate Certificate experience of Proficiency in Panchakarma and Certification in Massage Therapy from Pune, India.She is also a authentic yoga practitioner who designes the customized asana practice for her clients. She is the Founder and Director of Ayurveda Healing Spa, located in Charlotte, NC USA.

She has a lot of doctors and lawers and CEO,Engineers, teachers bussinessmen, women with ladies issues, kids and ADHD sufferers, seniors, highly professional people in her practice as her clientel. They come to get the best and authentic work done. With the step by step program it helps clients to leran and develope integrative approachs allowing them to eventually reach the potential of preventative care by reversing the acute and chronic imbalances. They can regain energy and lead a healthy and happy life. Clients can get extremely professional, comapassonate and happy care through the natural and healthy AYURVEDA HEALING PROGRAM TO PREVENT AND REDUCE IMBALANCES.

Aruna Patki specializes in Ayurvedic consultation, Panchakarma therapy (rejuvenation and detoxification therapy) and Ayurvedic integrative and manipulative therapies.
She has given consultation to CLIENTS suffering from Physical, Mental, Emotional imbalances resulting in digestive, liver and pancreatic imbalances, weight loss, obesity, urinary system, cardiovascular imbalanes, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other chronic physical debilities and psychosomatic imbalanes which can lead to diseases.


One of the only centers in the United States of America where you will receive AUTHENTIC TRADITIONAL Ayurveda work on each level.

God created the beauty of nature beyond all imagination. Dhanvantari God created Ayurveda, science of healing yourself. The Ayurveda Healing Spa created a unique customized Bodywork and Therapys to balance the Mental, Physical ,Emotional and Spiritual levels for the wellness of their clients. The main approach of Ayurveda is to heal ourself from within.

By Charak – Godfather of Ayurveda
Ayurveda provides simple and natural ways to find balance. Bring your body & soul back into balance imporving your overall health through authentic disciplines that originate from 6000 year old teachings.


With Aruna Patki, Ayurveda Practitioner (Doctor from India).

Ayurvedic Consultation for wellness in office – $ 150

Includes: paperwork, assessment, recommendations, diet and lifestyle changes (may go overtime if needed)

» supplies and required material, teas, oils will be sold separately. That can be used for Panchkarma preparations,detox and healing purposes.

» Any questations regarding consulting will be answered within 10 days of appointment only.

Follow up consultation – $80 (Teas, Supplies will be sold separately.)
Long distance consultation – $150 [1 hr] (Teas, Supplies and postage will be charged separately).

Ayurveda consulations are beneficial for these conditions :

» Asthama, Acne/Allergies/Arthritis /Anxiety/Alzhimer

» Bone health/Backache/Joint health/Blood Pressure

» Cancer, Cough, Colitis, Cholesterol, Side effects of Chemotheraphy, Cold- Flu, Circulation

» Digestive Issues, indigestion, Flatulence ,Gases, Bloating, Constipation

» Depression, Diabetes, Depression

» Fibromyalgia

» Hyperacidity, Hormone Imbalance

» Immune System, Irritable bowel syndrome, Increased Libido, Increased energy

» Kidney support

» Lymphatic congestion and toxins, liver functions, Liver supports, Toxicity

» Mental alertness, Migraines , Menopause, Memory problems

» Nervous system imbalance Issues, Nutrition, Nasal congestion

» Post Menopausal Syndrome

» Parkinson”s disease

» Reproductive Health, Respiratory support

» Sleep Issues, Stress, Skin diseases, Sinusitis

» Ulcer

» Urinary problems

» Weight Loss/Gain, Wellbeing in Kids, Adults and Elder’s

Please note that Aruna Patki (Ayurvedic Practitioner) does not do any changes /alterations or stop ANY medications, which is not the scope of practice of Ayurveda Program offered here in the UNITED STATES. We are proud of Ayurvedic approach to healing and would like to work in the areas for children, Adults, Geriatrics for acute and cronic conditions, Auto –immune conditions and Healing support for diseases ON A MANAGEMENT LEVEL.

The scope of Aruna Patkis work is as a Holistic Healer of Ayurveda and is not a licensed medicine program. As a healer it involves recommendations on diet, lifestyle, yoga, breathing techniques, detox , relaxation, rejuvenation. Through oil therapies and applications for body, mind and stress management. As Ayurveda believes in Prevention is Better than a cure. We are always using diet and lifestyle changes to bring the changes at the root level. Aruna Patki does not practice medicine.

Clients in the testimonials talking always calls us doctor. As we and I personally mention to our clients just to call me by my name Aruna.