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1441 York St, #303 , Denver, Colorado 80206, United States
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Farnosh Family, MA, RAHC

I am a chemist turned Ayurvedic counselor and yoga instructor. After years of satisfying my analytical Pitta mind with learning organic chemistry an performing chemical reactions and experiments, I turned my studies to the ancient wisdom imbedded in the Vedic sciences including yoga, Ayurveda, and Sanskrit.

My passion for Ayurveda began when I needed my own healing during post-partum. I found no satisfying way to deal with the root cause of my illness until I began following the guidelines laid out in Ayurveda.

I love being a mom of two kids dearly but the post-partum phase for both kids was challenging with major Vata imbalances and auto-immune problems. Luckily, I found my Ayuvredic healer and was able to implement the changes necessary to bring me back to health.