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Rooted in the ancient traditional sciences of wellness & healing, it is my belief that each and everyone of us has an innate capacity to find harmony, joy and wellbeing in our journey through life.

Whether you are seeking to alleviate muscle aches and pains, stress, tension, are looking to remove outworn patterns or stagnant energy through Meridian Yoga Therapy, or you are here to learn more about how Meditation can literally shift how you experience your world including your career, family life, relationships with yourself and others for the better I am here to support you.

Hatha Vida is about living in the “Middle Way.” By establishing a balance of opposite forces within ourselves we come more in line with who we really are at our core, a spirit having a human experience capable of experiencing a higher quality of life both in our external and internal world.

My Goal today, is to support and empower your journey towards total wellbeing. By providing a synthesis of programs based on traditional healing methods from Meridian Yoga Therapy to Meditation and Yoga it is my mission to inspire and motivate you so that you can live your life to the fullest, be able to cope with stress and anxiety from a centered grounded place and have joy and contenment in your life.

Come join me and find out how to live from a place of balance, wellness, integrity, and love.