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Ivy founded iYurveda life to help you reconnect with your true nature as spirit. When we ignore our true nature as spirit, we see ourselves only as body and mind; we wrap ourselves in the nature of the physical world with all its dramas and stories. This results in mental disturbances, these disorders or vrittis (in Sanscrit) disturb our mental peace provoking challenging emotions to sprout in our consciousness. Such emotions destabilize the biological energies that control the body which leads to physical illness.

Forgetting our true nature as a spirit is the primary cause of all diseases.

Finding in service great gratification and self-healing Ivy works for the benefit of the patient’s spirit fitting each therapy to the patient’s needs to maintain balance or restore health using the help of our Ayurvedic Doctors.

Ivy’s mission is to support you in your healing journey with understanding and compassion.

Balance your mind, body, and emotions through ayurvedic therapies while reconnecting with your true nature as spirit.