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24 Sardis Road Unit F , Asheville, North Carolina 28806, United States
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It’s time for the rise of the Wise Village Women…. To awaken and restore Feminine Consciousness… To restore balance between the inner Masculine and Feminine….To remember the Ancient Wisdom so we can birth a New Earth.

Lotus Womb is shared vision, a seed that was planted in our collective subconsciousness long ago. We are Sisters, your Mothers, your Daughters, and Friends. I created this healing sanctuary for you!

We all have a Womb and we all came from a Womb. For men, we refer to their womb space as a “Hara.” It is through this energetic portal that we create new ideas, projects, and offerings to the world. For some women, this offering may take the form of a baby, and for others, perhaps it may be a song, a body of knowledge, a book, or a new project or business.

The Ancients viewed the Womb as the greatest source of pure power and love in existence. It is the seat of wisdom. In our modern days, we have become disconnected from this knowledge. The fullness of the feminine wisdom has been lost, hidden or deliberately cut out of many traditions. It’s time we find our way back to the Womb. Have you heard the call?