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I offer Theta-healing and a speciality for women called a yoni or vaginal steam. Theta-healing is a very powerful yet gentle form of “energy” healing that resolves a wide range of physical, emotional, relationship, financial and spiritual issues. Your thoughts and emotions each have their own frequency. When you are struggling and having much difficulty, your energy field needs to be realigned and rebalanced to create harmony, peace and an overall sense of well being. When this is done through Theta Healing, you will experience enhanced health, abundance, joy and ease in your life. Yoni steams are an indigenous and ancient practice having roots in Africa and Korea. Traditionally, this practice is done monthly and can help address issues such as: – Infertility – Detoxing the womb and body – Addressing hormonal imbalance – Decreasing or increasing blood flow during period – Reducing pain, bloating and discomfort during monthly cycle – Speed healing process after birth – Treating fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterus weakness, endometriosis – Heal hemorrhoids – Treat chronic vaginal and yeast infections and other pH imbalance – Relieve symptoms of menopause such as sweating and dryness – Release trauma and emotions inhibiting creative life force. You can visit us at our studio or schedule a private over the phone session from the comfort of your own home. Studio visits: $60-$80 Intimate at-home visits: $120-$150


Established in 2017.

I started this business with the intention of normalizing an ancient practice. I found this practice after suffering with chronic pH imbalances/infections for over a year. The current model of using antibiotics and steroids as the main way of treatment for yoni issues are abrasive and unfavorable. I thankfully found the practice of vaginal steaming and see it a powerful way for women to reconnect with their natural bodies and cycles of nature. Using a combination of modalities I’ve learned throughout the years, I offer a balanced and holistic approach to women’s health problems.