Detailed Information

Lotus Blooming Herbs is a small company with a singular vision; to source and supply the highest quality herbal nutritional supplements attainable. Our Authentic Shilajit™ is in its natural state as a black, gummy mineral resin. It is not subjected to any solvent extraction, standardization, commercial processing or adulteration. It is naturally purified with filtered water before being laboratory tested for safety. The source we have located is high in the Himalayas, producing shilajit with the purest concentration of essential minerals and nutrients. Take some time to discover the anti-aging qualities and health benefits of shilajit on our website. Feel free to give us some feedback and describe how you use shilajit to get the most out of your day and relieve a variety of health issues. Shilajit of this quality and potency is extremely rare and supplies are limited.