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Marin Ayurveda is a holistic health practice in Marin County, California. Ayurvedic Practitioner Simone de Winter offers consultations locally and remotely, and panchakarma cleansing.

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Jennifer Baxter
Jennifer Baxter
03:48 14 May 19
I’ve been seeing Simone at Marin Ayurveda for about three years. I’ve worked with Ayurvedic consultants and doctors in... Bali and India to change my diet and lifestyle habits and do panchakarma. After working with a few people in the Bay Area trying to find the right person, I’m so grateful I found Simone.She’s knowledgable, kind and a true healer. She’s developed her love and understanding of Ayurveda to make it work in our modern lifestyle (especially in the Bay Area where eating out is the norm), this quality is so important if you are making permanent, ongoing lifestyle changes. Simone’s understanding and explanation of things has been critical in being able to sustain my changes as well as having somewhere to go to “reset” when I’ve completely gone off track.I recently did a panchakarma with Simone and her PK partner Tanya and it was amazing. One of the best I’ve had anywhere in the world. I was uncomfortable at first doing the prep for it by myself at home, but Simone was there every step of the way guiding me on email and checking in daily. I think having done it a couple of times before, I was ready to take the initiative to make changes at home before and after the treatments. It was much easier than I expected. During the treatments, Tanya had a lovely place for me to stay, they cooked for me and I felt totally nurtured and supported.I felt amazing afterwards. It was just the reset I needed.I highly recommend seeing Simone if you want to incorporate Ayurvedic treatments and changes into your lifestyle. She’s a wealth of knowledge as well as an experienced practitioner and her practice comes from the heart.read more
Kendra Gillette
Kendra Gillette
23:01 12 Apr 19
Marin Ayurveda and Simone literally changed my life for the better! Specifically, annual panchakarmas have helped me... manage anxiety and keep migraines in the past while giving my mind, body & soul a nourishing reboot.Suffering from migraine headaches for 20+ years I learned to cope with living with the misery. After a particularly trying 4 day episode, I was desperate and turned to Marin Ayurveda. Fed up with prescription drugs doing more harm than good, the frequency of headaches and the debilitating side effects I was skeptical but hopeful ayurveda could give relief. Simone educated me on the body's more subtle triggers which then progress to become a migraine. Implementing new habits and being aware has helped me learn how to now prevent them. I have not had a single migraine in 8 years!!! Seriously!My success with migraines was so profound I then turned to Simone to assist with my anxiety. Similar with migraines, she was helpful with offering subtle changes with dramatic impact.Since practicing an annual panchakarma I have relief from not only migraines and anxiety; but a stronger immune system keeping me healthier and happier than ever.Simone is a wealth of knowledge in both the science of ayurveda but also well educated in western medicine. I find comfort in her rooted background in both sciences. Her kindness and non judgemental manner quickly put you at ease to handle any personal matter.read more
Shannon Lottmann
Shannon Lottmann
14:37 25 Jan 18
When I went in to meet Simone, Ayurveda made sense to me but honestly, it was just one more thing to try in my lifelong... battle with sugar. I hoped it would help but didn’t really expect it to work any better than anything else. I just came out of my sugar detox and my brain is clear. I've tried to quit sugar a couple dozen times, if not more, and I've gotten to this point many, many times before but never has my mind been clear. In the past it was a daily battle from before I was fully awake until I was fully asleep. My brain constantly crying for the sugar. I couldn't have it anywhere near me. Over the weekend I baked cookies and just a pea size taste of the batter was enough for me (usually, I eat half the batter). Not just enough but I didn't care if I even ate that much. There's been a tub of cookies on my counter for 2 days and I don't even notice, normally I'm consumed with planning when I can have some and how many I can have before my husband notices that I binged on them. This feels SO great. I'm a little afraid it will go away but the changes to my lifestyle were simple and I can see myself sticking to them. I can never thank Simone enough for helping me experience this.read more
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