P.O. Box 138 , Culver City, California 90232, United States
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Marina Baroni is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, she is a member of NAMA – National Ayurvedic Medical Association. She practices Ayurveda in southern California, specializing in women’s health; and practices Vedic Astrology with clients around the world.

Marina’s approach to helping her clients realize vibrant health is based on the core belief that through self awareness anybody can change those physical and mental habits which are obstacles to well-being and live a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life.

Marina received her Diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences from the Ayurveda Institute of America where she studied with world-renowned doctors and authors such as Dr.Subhash Ranade, Dr.Avinash Lele, Dr. Shrikrishna Padke and Dr. Jay Apte. She has continued to deepen her knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine with one of the foremost authorities on Ayurveda in the world, Dr. Vasant Lad. Marina was introduced to Vedic Astrology during her Ayurvedic training and carried on her study with James Kelleher, one of the most prominent Vedic astrologers and teachers living in the West. .