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Detailed Information

MD Āyurveda specializes in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine and Pañchakarma – a systematic Ayurvedic treatment program. Our approach to health follows classical Āyurvedic traditions, which are the highest standards of Āyurvedic care.

After a comprehensive evaluation with both a physician and an Ayurvedic Vaidya, we create a unique health care plan for you, based on your state of health and stage of disease.

MD Āyurveda offers three personalized programs and services:

  • Consultations with a physician and Vaidya
  • 3-day physician-supervised, customized Pañchakarma program
  • 14-day virechana Pañchakarma program

The 14-day virechana program is a residential program that includes daily Ayurvedic body treatments, freshly cooked meals, lodging, consultations with our experts and Ayurvedic formulations. Once your program is complete, Dr. Coeytaux will help you integrate your experience with your health care team back home.