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PO Box 70858 , Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207, United States
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Vapika Wellness provides transformative holistic coaching and Ayurvedic healing services in the Milwaukee and Waukesha County areas.
As a certified Holistic Life Coach, Ayurveda Counselor and Educator, Panchakarma Therapist and Therapeutic Bodyworker, I will help you gain complete mind-body wellness. I am very passionate about exploring different ways in helping to heal your body, mind and spirit and will help you along your path to wellness.

Offering a comprehensive Ayurvedic consultation and Panachakarma and therapeutic bodywork, my focus is to help and empower you to face physical challenges and emotional stresses that we all are confronted with on a daily basis.

I will use my holistic and Ayurveda practices to help get you on a customized path to mind and body wellness. Most importantly, I will teach, guide and support you in how to integrate these into your life so that they become sustainable for you.

No matter what your stresses and ailments are, we will work together to get your mental and physical health in complete harmony.