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405 N Grant Avenue , Fort Collins, Colorado 80521, United States
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Hi! My name is Michael Sousa. I’ve been studying different healing modalities most of my waking life. I’ve devoted my life to learning about the human experience and discovering the many ways by which we mend ourselves. Like most healers and therapists you may know, they’ve all found a way that has helped them heal through their own trauma and disease; I am no different.

My healing journey began early in life: graced with debilitating digestive issues, crippling suicidal depression, and reactive skin (in the form of acne), I found that, while Western Medicine had its place among the major healing modalities, it is quite poor at nourishing and balancing the body. Specialist after specialist left me frustrated, tired, and hopeless — was I just that messed up?

Yoga was my first real introduction into the healing potential of practices from distant lands. Shortly after being introduced to Yoga, Ayurveda (India’s holistic and traditional medical system) crossed my path and I quickly became captivated by its simplicity and focus on the individual’s experience. I read several books about this ancient science and applied many of the principles in my daily life. Within a few weeks my symptoms and issues began to vanish. From then on I’ve tried to look at the world through an Ayurvedic lens.

I traveled to India, after a few years of self-directed studies, to find a teacher in Ayurveda. After meeting my teacher in Dharamsala, and studying over a year with him in person, I returned to the States. Immediately upon returning home, I attended massage therapy school. Since 2016 I have been practicing Ayurveda and massage in my daily life, at various practices, and have now taken the leap into playing with my own business! As for my studies, I continue to work with my teacher in India over the miracle that is the internet. I intend to return to India every other year to further my understanding in a method which has given me so much.

Massage and Ayurveda have radically changed how I see the world, and I view both modalities as vehicles to connect with my community and provide whatever help I can. I am forever a student, and, hopefully, I have learned how to listen so that I can serve whoever comes to see me.