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P.O. Box 533 , Pacific City, Oregon 97135, United States
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Moria’s heartfelt approach and knowledge in Ayurvedic Medicine offers her clients the quality care of genuine holistic wellness. Herbal recommendation, dosha evaluations and nutritional support are the foundational pillars to Moria’s thorough approach. With dedication and passion, Moria combines a comprehensive understanding of Ayurveda with her holistic knowledge in nutrition and herbalism.

Moria studied Clinical Herbalism, Nutrition and Flower Essences at the North American Institute of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, CO. Since 2005 she has studied and worked with herbs in many forms. She can provide specific tea blends, tinctures, honey pastes, essential oils and a personalized flower essence as herbal support.

Since 2003 Moria has been studying Whole Foods Nutrition. When we eat right for our body we support our organs for their highest level of functioning preventing disease. Her early days working in natural foods stores provided the exposure and inspiration to study nutrition. The Clinical Herbalism program had a nutritional education wrapped into it. We are what we eat and how and what we eat affects our every cell.

Moria went on to study Ayurveda in 2013 at the dhyana Center in Sebastopol, CA. After 2 years of study and 2 years of internship Moria became an Ayurvedic Practitioner. For the 2 years during her studies in Ayurveda, Moria also became a Massage Therapist from the School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin in Middletown, CA. She specializes in Pancha Karma and had a deep calling to offer body work as well as consultation.

In 2014 Moria visited India on an Ayurveda study journey. This deeply wove the culture of Ayurveda into the fabric of her cultivated practice. Upon returning from India, Moria took an Ayurvedic Yoga Training course coupled with training in Ayurvedic Cooking and found a love for mantra and Kirtan. She now enjoys singing Kirtan and playing the harmonium.

As a practitioner, Moria meets people where they are and honors their specific journey while using her skills to offer the next step however big or small.