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3221 Hillsdale Ct , Plano, Texas 75093, United States
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Peggy brings compassion, warmth, over 30 years of yoga and more than 17 years of experience teaching health and fitness programs to her Integrated Health Coach practice in Plano, Texas. Her approach to wellness stems from yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy.While Peggy has more than 10,000-hours of hands-on experience and an extensive background in Yoga Asana, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Pilates, and Exercise Science, she never stops looking for opportunities to learn more. In addition to the study of yoga and Ayurveda, she actively seeks out the best and most current scientific information available to share with her private and group fitness clients at the yoga studios, fitness centers, schools, and corporate exercise facilities where she trains.
Peggy brings all of this experience and knowledge to every client interaction. She may use different tools to teach someone a yoga a pose, help an athlete rehabilitate a torn hamstring, or train a cyclist for a century ride, but she approaches each of these situations with the same goal – to help the individual unify and balance their inner and outer body with their mind and spirit. Her hope is that her clients will realize their full potential, achieve their goals and become active participants in managing their well-being.