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5 Kingsley Ave , Williamsburg, Massachusetts 01039, United States
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Chelynn Tetreault, LMT, and C.A.S. is the owner of Lotus Ayurveda in Haydenville, MA. She has been in practice for over 15 years. She is certified through the CA College of Ayurveda as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, and as an Ayurvedic Doctor through NAMA. Chelynn is honored to be working with patients wishing to reduce suffering and optomize their health and vitality.

Owner and director of Lotus Ayurveda and Sweet Retreat

Clinical Internship Supervisor at CA College of Ayurveda.

Chelynn Tetreault is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Doctor, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist. Dr. Tetreault Specializes in female health, reproductive health, fertility, pre-natal, post natal care, infant, child care and Pancha Karma. Chelynn has a flourishing practice, Lotus Ayurveda and Ayurvedic retreat/ Pancha Karma Center, in Haydenville, MA. Chelynn began her private practice in 2005. She supports clients to maintain vitality and optimal health so that they can heal themselves from a variety of imbalances. Chelynn teaches locally, and internationally. Dr. Tetreault has an unique ability to blend both practical and authentic traditional approaches to female health and spirituality. She offers Ayurvedic and Spiritual counseling, as well as classes and seminars, online or in person. Chelynn also supervises clinical interns for the largest Ayurvedic school in the United States.