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2845 Mesa Verde Dr. East suite 8 , Costa Mesa, California 92626, United States
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Born in Hawaii and raised on the beaches of Southern California, the sun, the sand and the Pacific make my heart beat. As a modern Medicine Woman, I have been studying, for as long as I can remember, subjects such as, herbalism, meditation, spirituality and natural healing. I was a bit of a firebrand in my family; insisting on organic and a chem-free household, attachment parenting and Waldorf education. At the heart of my life, I am a healer, and more so, I am a facilitator. I hold much knowledge and experience in creating the space and the environment for your healing and wholeness. Holistic health, wellness and natural living isn’t just what I do for a living – it’s who I am, inspired by wholeness and passionate to share it with others.

Someone posed these questions to me once…What change in this world have you felt inspired to be a part of? What have you done to make that change?

There were many “camps” and areas I feel I have been inspired to be a part of, and things of interest to which I have contributed, such as holistic wellness, feminism, recycling, sustainability, etc. There are many things that I am passionate about, and yet when I distill them all down, I can put one word to it….Embodiment. Embodiment of our true nature.

Embodiment meaning: a person, being, or thing illustrating a spirit, principle, abstraction, etc; incarnation.

The word “incarnation” really hits it for me. I have been working for a long time on my own embodiment. Waking up in this life, fully, as a woman, able to sense, know and trust my true self. I am a work in progress of course, we all are; and I do believe that I have a lot to share with others also on this journey. It is a carnal, fleshy, sometimes bumpy road this human experience, to live in the truest sense of one’s beliefs and heart soul requires support.