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Baby making and motherhood can be a fast-track path of evolution, yet you and I both know there are obstacles and detours — which easily obscure this benefit. The postpartum window tends to present a big Y in the road for a mother’s physical and often mental health because we are extra fragile. So the long lasting effects of this time begin with care practices within the first half-hour after birth. Sacred Window’s webinars and books help you to best team up with Mother Nature’s plan for this sacred time.
Baby-love is such an important power in the natural bonds of heart and spirit. There is sacred Shakti present in this bond that naturally supports mother’s rejuvenation and baby’s growth. Especially with the many challenges of childbirth that so many experience–from exhaustion and loneliness to negativity in the environment or a dural tube puncture in surgical birth–mama and baby can both suffer. In any case, innocent love and commitment are often not enough to nourish the natural, dynamic process of recovery and evolution. Frequently, mother and baby need professional care. And that’s where Ayudoulas come in! (Check out this new Ayudoula Caregiver Directory on one of our affiliates’ sites.)