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1265 West Broadway , Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 3X8, Canada
Detailed Information
Nathalie started to study and integrate into her life the knowledge necessary to offer strategies and solutions to others for them to achieve and maintain optimal health in the early 90s.  Certified as Yoga Teacher in 1999, Deep Meditation Instructor in 2005, and Ayurvedic Consultant in 2013, Nathalie has been spending the past 30 years developing these skills with passion. Sharing this holistic knowledge, rooted in the ancient Indian Vedic tradition, she respects the origins of the orally transmitted teachings.

Finding solutions and bringing you techniques and strategies for the optimal health of your own body and mind through Meditation, Yoga, and the wisdom of Ayurveda is her vocation.  Spreading the experience of inner peace and well-being that one achieves through these practices is what stimulates her to teach and help others.

The classes and consultations she provides can be facilitated in English, Spanish or French. These can be in the comfort of your home, or your workplace, as most of her programs are available online.