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Revolutionize Your Health and Create Unlimited Wellness with the Most Effective & Tested Natural Remedies!Important Information – Before You Order This Special Book Edition:Please note: You will NOT receive 4 different books. Instead, you will receive 1 book that fuses the contents of 4 books in 1 big, easy to follow volume.Included are:Part 1: The contents of BOOK 1: Epsom Salt Secrets and Recipes for Optimal Wellness, Relaxation and Specific TreatmentsPart 2: The contents of BOOK 2: The Most Effective Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes for Weight Loss and Well-beingPart 3: The contents of BOOK 3.

Ashwagandha: The Miraculous Ayurvedic Herb and Recipes to Restore Balance (Natural Hormone Reset Remedy!)Part 4: The contents of BOOK 4: Ayurvedic Essential Oils & Detailed Instructions for Personalized Body & Mind TreatmentsThis 4 in 1 book edition also contains tested recipes that will help you take care of your health, beauty and even home in a holistic way and have everyone love you for it….Order your copy today and join thousands of others who are drastically improving all areas of their health with Epsom salt. Apple cider vinegar, Ayurveda essential oil &herb secrets.Allow yourself to create unlimited wellness and improve your quality of life without spending thousands of dollars on over-priced spa treatments….