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Fire has long been worshipped in the ancient traditions of the Vedic culture. He is one of the first symbols of nature mentioned in many texts dating back thousands of years.

“I am the world and the world is me.” In Ayurveda, the human body is viewed as a microcosm of the greater macrocosm of the universe that surrounds us. Everyone has a fire within them. This fire governs your vitality and vigor, your brilliance and intelligence, your luster and luminescence. Everything goes through agni to be processed into something useful for our bodies. We have a physical fire that digests our food, we have a cellular fire that governs our cellular intelligence, we have micro fires that govern the day-to-day activities of our body, we have mental and psychological fires that allow us to understand everything we take in from our senses.

So why “Nourish the Fire?” Without proper fire, we wouldn’t be the bright and brilliant individuals that we are. We need to take care of our own fire and nourish it–on all levels–mind, body, and soul to ensure a healthy and holistic life. Take the time to be grateful for all that agni provides you. He moves through you to protect you.

Nourish your fire. Nourish the Fire.