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Slim Collins
Slim Collins
22:14 18 Apr 21
I called the office to speak with the Doctor about their services.Victor called me and in speaking he required that I... get a Covid-19 Negative Test to come to his center. That was shocking. Told me how much he really knows about Natural Medicine and he is not a Vaidya. When I told it it was illegal to demand a Test, He replied that it is a private business and hung up. That toxic energy is best for me to stay away from. The light shows the path to those who can see. I asked the right question and did he told me the Truth...Thank You!!read more
03:06 22 Jul 17
Me and my husband strongly believe in the Ayurvedic way of healing. We were in search of Ayurvedic practitioners in Los... Angeles(LA). We were so happy to find Madison and Victor at Pacific Coast Ayurveda (PCA). They are true gems who first focus on the root cause of the health issue. They then diagnose not only the body but also the mind.At the initial consultation Madison & Victor did a deep diagnosis with pulse reading, daily habits, diets, family history and after correlating all the facts, the root cause was identified as Vata imbalance in my body. A 7 Day panchakarma was prescribed for me.Healing process involved traditional methods like Abhyanga with herbal oil, Shirodhara, Anuvasana Vasti, Kashaya Vasti, Netra Vasti, Nasya, Poultice and 10 body Marma therapy.The Treatment :-Detoxified my body.Relaxed my mind. Daily talks with Madison & Victor opened up my thought process and I gained more confidence in my skills and found a clear direction in which to channel my energies.Involved practice of yoga, especially to unblock the Svadhisthana chakra which was identified as one of the reasons for my ailments.Involved consumption of herbal medicines.Tweaks to the diet. They recommended adding certain foods items and removing certain items so as to keep Vata in check.I felt truly rejuvenated after the healing got done.PCA's LA location in Calabasas is away from the big city madness. The atmosphere at PCA is very calming. You feel warmly welcomed as soon as you enter. The treatment room and amenities are very clean. Madison & Victor are very sincere and dedicated to what they are doing. It is not just a job for them. Instead they treat it as an medium to share this nice way of life for the betterment of mankind.I would recommend PCA to all who are looking for a holistic healing.read more
Anahita Namavar
Anahita Namavar
04:35 26 Jun 17
This place is amazing. I recomend to anyone interested in self healing and figuring out their direction in life. Or if... you have any health concerns that regular doctors can't help with. I was pre-diabetic and I went to them. They gave me a diet plan specially for me and it helped me lose 17 lbs in 3 weeks. It's was tough but the only thing that worked. Madison and Victor are amazing human beings and still keep in touch with me after my healing process.read more
Ben Brown
Ben Brown
17:42 12 May 16
My relationship with Pacific Coast Ayurveda began many years ago, when I found myself in a position of very poor... physical and mental health, and constant, pervading malaise, owing to several years of drug use and concurrent anxiety and depression. From my first consultation with Victor and Madison, my life has transformed in ways I could never have imagined. To begin, I was given specific and personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, that have ultimately altered the way I eat and understand the way I sustain my body. I was given several Ayurvedic herbal formulations to take, both customized and traditional, that have over time nourished my body and mind back to a natural state of health.Having placed my trust in Madison and Victor, in a matter of weeks, I decided to undergo Panchakarma, a traditional practice of intensified detoxification and rejuvenation. Every day for one week, I was administered several therapies consecutively, such as abhyanga (full-body warm oil massage, given by two people simultaneously), shirodhara (a gentle stream of warm oil onto the forehead), nasya (oil administered through the nose, to nourish and clarify the mind), netrabasti (warm ghee placed in clay dam around the eyes), and others. Each day Madison and Victor would help me to set an intention for the day, and would ease me into a state of wellbeing and relaxation that persevered long after the therapies had been performed. The entire process, from the therapies given to the diet I followed during the process, was precisely tailored to my own needs. My Panchakarma at PCA was a turning point in my health that allowed me to "re-set" and begin building my body and mind anew. In the years since then, Madison and Victor have continued to diligently guide me on the path to perfect health.I cannot speak highly enough of Pacific Coast Ayurveda, and of Victor and Madison. Madison is a warm, gentle and intuitive healer who excels at bringing her clients to a space where they can allow themselves to heal. Victor is a keen and insightful diagnostician who draws on a vast body of knowledge to create the ideal structure for his clients' diet lifestyle. Together, they form a formidable force for the rejuvenation of anyone afflicted by any manner of illness, from constipation to cancer.read more
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