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In the past, I offered Western nutritional and lifestyle guidelines that are easy to follow with a little ancient wisdom of Ayurveda principles. Now, I’m making a shift in my services; I will continue to offer workshops and classes. Upon request, individualized wellness plans, as well as bringing my knowledge, expertise, and unique teaching styles to corporate & non-profit businesses.

Why the change? There comes a time when you realize that what you are doing isn’t in alignment with your passion. After several years of offering 1:1 lifestyle consulting and nutritional recommendations, I was finding it too much work for little reward. There is so much nutritional confusion out there that narrowing down on one specific specialty was not benefiting my clients or me.

What’s Different? I will no longer be offering 1:1 nutritional/lifestyle consulting in Western or Ayurveda, but I will be incorporating them into my classes and workshops. Upon request, and after interviewing, I will offer individualized wellness plans. Why interview? Making changes is a commitment; I want to be sure you are willing and ready to make changes to your diet and lifestyle that will stick. In addition, I will be blogging regularly and incorporating my unique no-nonsense take on topics of all sorts.

With these changes, I am not letting go of all things food. Follow my Instagram @sevawellness to see yummy food freshly prepared as well as a little life wisdom sprinkled in. I hope you find this new platform entertaining, knowledgeable, and helpful. In Sanskrit, Seva means selfless service. It is in selfless service that I wish you good health in body mind and spirit.