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100 United Nations Plaza Apt 33ab , New York, New York 10017, United States
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Sama Ayurveda is a holistic healthcare center that uses the knowledge of the 5000 year old ancient Indian medical system.

In Sanskrit, Sama means balance andAyurveda is made of 2 words: Ayur + veda, meaning life + knowledge, so Sama Ayurveda means the knowledge to balance life.

At Sama Ayurveda, we also focus on balancing the mind by using Pranayama in addition to a balanced diet & lifestyle and incorporation of herbs, panchkarma, and other therapies.

Simmi Chopra Bhatia is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner based in New York City. She completed her Ayurevdic studies from Kerala Ayurveda. Along with Ayurveda, she has an MS in Molecular Biology and Biostatistics, enabling her to approach medical problems in a more integrative manner. Aside from consultations, she gives lectures to bring awareness to the beauty and simplicity of this science to a wider audience. Through her lectures, she helps to facilitate the process of becoming mindful of one’s diet and lifestyle, along with becoming mindful of the warnings or symptoms given by one’s body so as to avoid serious health problems. Her lecture series can also be found on her YouTube, Ayurveda Simplified. Her paper “Ayurveda: controversies and the need for Integration with Mainstream Medicine” published in The Journal of Global Health of Columbia University, addresses these topics in simple, yet scientific terms.