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Mentoring with Terra is a way to enrich your learning and consult about your clients. When you take a recorded class you naturally have some questions or you might wonder how to apply the teachings more directly. If you are a practitioner of some kind, mentoring is a way you can consult with Terra about applying Ayurveda to your client’s women’s health concerns.

For my twenty years of Ayurveda practice I’ve avoided using the “Dosha Tests” with my clients. I could determine their doshas simply through history, symptoms and pulse readings.

I want to spread the word on the usefulness of Ayurveda and so many know so little about it. So, with the help of my tech mentor, Karen at Spiezz Digital, we’ve created a less jargon-y quiz to ease people in.

This fun test is perfect for those just getting interested in Ayurveda and wanting to know more about themselves. Please share it with any such humans (not yet calibrated for wild things, pets, or aliens).

Of course, the test is just a first step into the never-ending story of Ayurveda…after all, the science of Life is as long and varied as Life itself…