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The Ayurveda Experience’ is your one-stop platform for all things Ayurveda! Join 400,000 others in this amazing journey of optimized health and happiness.
Ayurveda recognizes how Unique you are with your own individual combination of Doshas. By empowering you with in-depth knowledge of your mind-body type, we will help You truly understand and appreciate your strengths and weaknesses (Prakruti and Vikruti).

We invite You to come along with us and discover The Science of Life for yourself with “The Ayurveda Experience.”
We’ve made it very easy for You start right now, right where you are, with what you already have.

Once the knowledge is acquired and You recognize, understand and appreciate your true self, You then know how to correctly adapt and optimize your Lifestyle to attain that Perfect Balance.

You’ll see right away how much goodness Ayurveda brings to your days at home, at work, in all areas of your life.

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Rohit Kaushik
Rohit Kaushik
01:05 09 Feb 20
Looks like a work shop and a godown here
salman raza
salman raza
08:35 05 Dec 19
Very good company with a good work culture.
Anil Verma
Anil Verma
04:56 06 Aug 18
Very good work environment
Ashish Anand
Ashish Anand
16:49 19 May 18
One of the most innovative cos and profitable startups of today's world
Akshay Khatri
Akshay Khatri
08:00 18 Mar 18
Nice Ecommerce startup for ancient Ayurvedic Products
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