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Monika Manohar has completed her Bachelors of  Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS) from Dr MGR University, Chennai, India.

Before migrating to USA, she worked as Clinic Head for Madhavbaug Ayurvedic Cardiac Clinic, which specializes in treating cardiac patients with Ayurvedic therapies and lifestyle management. She has also worked with Rvita Ayurveda and Yoga Center as Clinic administrator providing Panchakarma for different ailments including obesity, skin disorders, and stress management. In USA she has worked for KAIRALI Ayurveda in Connecticut providing Ayurvedic assessment and suggesting Ayurveda therapies and teaching Ayurveda cooking and Lifestyle modifications.

She is passionate about maintenance of health by the practice of Ayurveda in daily life. She specializes in providing a holistic approach to maintaining health. Her philosophy of healing revolves around Ayurvedic Nutrition, yoga, meditation, and detoxification.