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He has chosen the use of internet consulting to reach out to the many who are interested in exploring an effective systematic approach to IC that is different to what is presently offered by traditional urology practices This can lead to helping people implement the practical applications of this knowledge either with one on one interaction or with support groups New information that improves health requires changes in habits and support groups may be helpful in changing lifestyle patterns of behavior

Due to his training Dr Bill is uniquely positioned to serve as a guide to compare and contrast the matter and energy science healing disciplines. “When the current allopathic healing approach doesn’t have an answer Ayurveda can certainly shed light and deal with difficult clinical problems This is because of how the 2 healing models differ in seeing how physiologic disease occurs”

Early in his urology career as a resident he researched a condition called chronic urethritis in women Now in retrospect this was the beginning of his study of IC

Dr Bill became interested in the alternative medical discipline of Ayurveda through the Chopra organization in 1995 This introduction showed him how contemporary physics supported the fundamentals principles of Ayurveda as biologic energy medicine

In 2000 having his own medical problems he sought help at the Ayurvedic Institute and over the years has watched his health gradually but dramatically improve He realized that going to work, taking nourishment, and communicating in relationships did not translate into health He looks back and muses, “Until we begin taking an inventory we do not realize how sick we are” As he began doing this healing slowly over the years problems such as chronic edema from varicose veins cleared, longstanding bowel issues gradually resolved with resultant improved bone density, clearance of longstanding skin lesions, and an improved healthy understanding of relationships He saw that real healing took time and through the experience realized tools and techniques that could be used to reverse the disease process Dr Bill began seeing healing in a more complete way

This improvement in his health brought enthusiasm to use some simple therapies in his urology practice for IC since there were no consistently good results with standard therapies in urology He slowly began to realize that the medical matter science healing tradition that he was practicing was a disease detection and treatment program Yes, it could provide semi-emergent treatments for concerning conditions such as appendicitis and cancer but there was no means to treat chronic disease and certainly no system of prevention using the present system of healing

In contrast he found that the science of Ayurveda used a different model of healing, not founded on molecular expressions of disease but on physiologic energetic imbalances in the body