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The Yogic Medicine Institute teaches a comprehensive system for supporting the body-mind to renew and heal itself, by recognizing the confluence of life factors that add up to health, wisdom and vitality. We teach a way of life that is tune with the healing power of nature. It is about taking your health into your own hands by learning to care for your body-mind, discovering nutrition that really works, and liberating your life from toxic overload. It is about cultivating your mind and emotions in order to live a joyous, satisfied life. YMI offers classes, coaching, private consultations, detoxification programs and home-spa counseling based on a wealth of wisdom from Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Buddhism and Kinesiology. We offer the QRA system of muscle testing, and nutrition and counseling for traditional Panchakarma to support you in a journey of transformation, empowerment and renewal.