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Your life truly has the capacity to be medicinal. The way you think, eat and act on a moment to moment basis either moves you closer towards your highest state of wellbeing or distances you from feeling your best. As a yogi, I believe balance and wellbeing should flow off your yoga mat and into your kitchen, bathroom and daily choices. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and is the perfect consort to your yoga practice. Built on the premise that self-knowledge leads to self-healing, “Your Life is Your Medicine” will give you the tools to understand yourself, take care of yourself and celebrate yourself from the inside out.

Ayurveda is pronounced “R-U-Veda”. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means, the science of life or wisdom of longevity. Sanskrit is the language of Ancient India. Along with Hebrew, it is one of the oldest languages. This natural and traditional medicine of India originated about 5,000 years ago. Chinese and Tibetan medicines both trace their roots back to Ayurveda. The original knowledge was realized by rishis or seers. Rishis are essentially enlightened people who received and understood remarkable amounts of information and wisdom. Later the knowledge was compiled into texts called the Charaka Samhita which is revered as the holy grail of Eastern Medicine. Now the information is available for you through a relatable voice. Written by a modern yogi with you in mind, Your Life is Your Medicine will address the Doshas, Self-Care, Meditation, Stress Management, Nutrition and so much more.

Ayurveda is truly holistic in that it addresses the entire spectrum of the human experience on the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual levels. Like Yoga, while Ayurveda is ancient, it is by no means esoteric. The ideals and applications of Ayurveda are fully functional and entirely necessary in today’s modern world. Enrich your relationship with yourself, deepen your practice and nourish your mind, body and soul with Your Life is Your Medicine.