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Suzanne Mansell
Life/Leadership/Wellness Coach & Ayurvedic Practitioner, Suzanne helps "women who do too much" lead sacred, radiant, delicious lives!
1731 Prince Street , Berkeley, California 94703, United States
Mrs. Devin Fleudujon
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been passionate about essential oils my entire life, and working with them for more than 20 years. I’ve also been practicing therapeutic massage for 15 years, and have extensive experience with Ayurveda and classical Feng Shui. I deeply believe in lifelong learning from the wisdom of nature, and in the profound healing benefits of plant medicine and aromatherapy.
1384 Cedar St , Berkeley, California 94702, United States
Catherine E Sadowsky
I was twenty years old, living in Brookline, MA, and beginning my second year of undergrad studies at Berklee College of Music. Standing in my kitchen, I was laying out that day's doses of a variety of pharmaceuticals: grainy, mustard-colored ellipses mixed with the tiniest of chalky white circles. Azulfadine, plaquenil, prednisone. I was receiving gold shots every other week, which didn't give me a million dollar ass, but did ensure I could only sleep pain-free on one side of my body […]
830 Bancroft Way #108 , Berkeley, California 94710, United States
Dr. Eduardo Cardona
Dr Cardona has been practicing as a therapist for more than ten years as well as holding a number of distinguished positions at medical schools and in university faculties. His therapeutic work using Ayurveda and modern medicine is an integrative approach and includes hands-on techniques including Cranio-Sacral, Marma, Yoga and Lymphatic Drainage, which bring fresh perspectives to treating chronic ailments and diseases. Dr Cardona’s view is that a combination of the profound p […]
2111 Ashby Avenue Apt. 17 , Berkeley, California 94705, United States
Jaclyn Andrews
A well-rounded People Partner with 10+ years of startup experience. Interested in human connection, the prosperity of the individual and the company. Professional experience includes office management, operations, personal well-being, and executive assistant roles.
Apt 10 , Berkeley, California 94710, United States