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Dr Jay's HN Wellness Center
Our mission is to create Balance and Harmony at the levels of Body-Mind-Spirit, one person at a time.
Elaine Dodson, Beauty, Wellness & Regeneration
Specialties Beauty, Wellness and Regeneration, Beauty and Wellness consultation and services, Ayurvedic Cooking, Classes and Chef Instruction, Sacred Journey "Goddess" Retreats for 2016 (upcoming, check back for details). History Established in 1980. Elaine Dodson is an internationally acclaimed expert in natural/organic beauty, wellness and regeneration. for over 50 years. An industry pioneer, Elaine has always believed that "outer beauty is simply a reflection of a state of […]
315 Monssen Dr , Dallas, Texas 75224, United States
SukhVeda Ayurvedic Wellness Center
Sukhveda Ayurvedic Center & Spa in Dallas, Texas, driving over Consultation, Herbal Therapies, Medicine, Massages, Types of Health Care System, Ayurvedic Therapies, Hair Care, etc has set out a really excellent journey of Ayurvedic conventions, adjusted to suit today's modern ways of life. Antiquated theories and Western practices work in amicability with the inward knowledge of the body, helping it to rebalance in times of progress and stretch. We offer different varieties of Aut […]
17084 Dallas Pkwy , Dallas, Texas 75248, United States
Christina Vargas
Since 2005, Christina Vargas has been teaching yoga and sharing her passion and love for helping others live a harmonious life of balance through self-care and self-love through the lens of yoga and Ayurveda.  As a child, Christina was eager to be in the garden with her grandparents and often would make potpourri and other “medicine mixtures” from her grandmother’s flower garden. Her favorite place in the home was the kitchen and she knew she would be in the healthcare industry one d […]
3525 Cedar Springs #101 , Dallas, Texas 75219, United States