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Marva Makle, R.A.L.C.
Go, go, go…crash. Work, work, work…exhaust. Push harder, deplete faster. Get it all done, then hit the wall. Sound familiar? I started my health coaching practice to help other worn-out, burnt-out (WOBO) professional women who want to stop running themselves into the ground while striving to exceed their goals. Throughout a successful 20-year IT career, I worked long and hard for large corporations and consulting firms. I believed that pushing through—not slowing down—was admirable […]
Aloe Wellness
Aloe Wellness: Arti and Rhodo found each other in Washington, DC and knew that there was a great potential to come together and provide a warm and welcoming environment for their patients to heal, focusing on wellness. What makes them click is that they share important things in common: they both like good food, good music, good quirky humor and a deep love for good ol’ biochemistry. Their personal connection, friendship and mutual respect for each other established a solid foundation […]
5840 MacArthur Blvd NW , Washington, District of Columbia 20016, United States