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Pacific Coast Herb Company
Ayurveda has sent down firm roots in the West. As members of the Ayurvedic family, it is our responsibility to see that this great wisdom comes to full bloom. I created the Pacific Coast Herb Co. to serve healers, and of course, those being healed. If Ayurveda is to truly thrive in our world, it is vital that a flourishing ecosystem spring up to support it. This means bearers of wisdom, healers, and our greatest heroes--the green ones. It is time that we remember where our real medici […]
39126 Ocean Dr , Gualala, California 95445, United States
Pacific Coast Herb Company
The Pacific Coast Herb Company is dedicated to importing high-quality herbal products from India. We understand that the highest scrutiny is required when sourcing ingredients for your company. We rigorously test our herbal products for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial contamination prior to export. Because we strive for total transparency throughout our supply chain, documentation of this testing is available for all products. All of our products are Certified Organic by fully […]
38921 Sedalia Dr. , Gualala, California 95445, United States
Madison Madden
Pacific Coast Ayurveda is here to provide practical tools to support lifelong health and well-being, encourage conscious living, and create community around the spirit of wellness!
PO Box 777 , Gualala, California 95445, United States
Victor Briere
PO Box 70 , Gualala, California 95445, United States