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Living Veda
Living Veda was developed through Julia’s desire to share with other’s what has become her passion. Ayurveda refers to this as one’s dharma. With what started as a personal discovery of truth Julia finds great fulfillment in helping others achieve greatness as they too overcome mind/body/spirit challenges in the sacred, loving space in which Living Veda provides.
1621 Jefferson Street , Hollywood, Florida 33020, United States
Sonia Tigero
919 Hillcrest Dr Apt 815 , Hollywood, Florida 33021-7883, United States
Julia Pozios Clearwood
Welcome to my passion. I spent a good majority of my life feeling lost, wandering among the trees from coast to coast in search of something. I have always felt very connected to the magnificence of Mother Nature and it has just been natural to explore her beauty. While on my quest I had my own personal health crisis which had surfaced. Divine intervention happened and I was graciously given a book that introduced me to Ayurveda and the life of Paramahansa Yogananda in the spiritual c […]
1621 Jefferson Street , Hollywood, Florida 33020, United States