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Mary Bruck
Mary Bruck, Advanced Doctoral Ayurvedic Practitioner, Health Coach, Tantra Hatha yoga teacher, herbalist, panchakarma therapist, Ayurvedic body treatment therapist, and vedic therapist. I bring these unique offerings to Ayurveda: I am approachable and easy to relate to as a collaborative coaching partner. I make the changes doable. I am 100% in tune with you and willing to dig in to find the root cause of your health picture and get you a shift to […]
400 E. Simpson , Lafayette, Colorado 80026, United States
Terra Rafael
Mentoring with Terra is a way to enrich your learning and consult about your clients. When you take a recorded class you naturally have some questions or you might wonder how to apply the teachings more directly. If you are a practitioner of some kind, mentoring is a way you can consult with Terra about applying Ayurveda to your client’s women’s health concerns. For my twenty years of Ayurveda practice I’ve avoided using the “Dosha Tests” with my clients. I could determine their dos […]
102 West Cannon Street , Lafayette, Colorado 80026, United States