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Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness
Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness provides alternative healthcare solutions to patients in the U.S. and internationally. Our founder, Dr. Renee Young, is a world-renowned naturopathic doctor specializing in endocrinology, weight management and autoimmune conditions. She is well-known for helping individuals that have struggled with weight issues, fatigue, depression, chronic pain, immune problems and chronic illnesses. It is our goal is to help restore your body to optimum perfor […]
751 Blossom Hill Rd , Los Gatos, California 95032, United States
Ms Susanna Sumner
My life long enquiry of yoga and the alternative healing arts began when I left Germany and moved to Boston in 1990. For several years, I studied Shiatsu (acupressure massage) and Macrobiotics (an oriental Health system that teaches how to live in harmony with ones environment and uses food as medicine). I taught natural food cooking classes, became a private chef and helped inspire many clients to switch to a healthier diet and lifestyle. In 1999, I completed my yoga teacher trainin […]
16299 Niles Rd , Los Gatos, California 95033, United States
Dr. Pratibha Gramann Ph.D.
ANXIETY AND STRESS choke our mental and emotional outlook and impact performance. Dr Pratibha teaches methods that affirm a healthy lifestyle for work and relationships. It brings a new way of relating to self and the world. She draws on knowledge from several traditions. CAREER-WORK issues include motivation, decisions, and usually changes in one way or another. We will explore the dimensions that impact work life, relationships, and aims to enhan […]
14788 Sky Lane , Los Gatos, California 95032, United States